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Why choose Massage?


We all know that massage feels fabulous on those tight and tender spots that crave to be released. Massage not only helps us to unwind physically but also through laying on a table with no distraction it gives us space to process thoughts, switch off from the external world, and release mental and emotional stress.


Remedial massage therapy treats a targeted area of the body that may be experiencing acute or chronic pain, stress from injury or musculo-skeletal conditions. Treating the muscles, fascia and tendons through deep-tissue massage technique, trigger point therapy, dry needling and Myo-fasica release. This particular type of treatment is designed to alleviate pain, aches and return your musculo-skeletal system back to balance.


Growing humans is hard work. This treatment is tailored to you for your growing bodies needs. You’ll feel pampered and blissed with gentle kneading through the gentle kneading and nourishing strokes while feeling completely safe. Massage throughout pregnancy can help connect us back to our bodies and provide support both physically and emotionally.


Treat yourself with head to toe nurturing and thoughtful strokes, aimed at relieving daily stress and aches throughout the body and have you melt into the table.

What are the Benefits of Massage?

* Relieving stress, anxiety and depression

* Nourishing the skin

* Hormonal balance and regulation

* Building strong immunity

* Releasing connective tissues (fascia)

* Aiding digestion

* Assisting sleep patterns

* Improving posture

* Rehabilitation from injury

Treatments are individual so no one treatment is the same per person.


Why I love massage

I spend a good amount of my life being active and I find my muscles benefit from massage. My mind can close down giving me space to unwind and relax. It is my way of nurturing my body that does so much for me.