Prana yoga + yin yoga

Yoga is a practice of devotion.

In the modern world there is always something to do, yoga asks you to simply be.

Originally is an eastern philosophy that has grown to a world wide practice. It uses breathe technique, movement and stillness to bring harmony to the body, mind and spirit.

By definition yoga means to ‘yoke’- in union, we connect. When we are in connection with ourselves we are able to connect more whole-heartedly with others.

What is Pranaa Yoga?

Prana Yoga is meditation in motion. It is the integration between the physical, mental and emotional self, allowing the spiritual self to be awakened.
Asana and pranayama are practiced to release stagnation in the body and access prana chi, energy to move throughout the body.
Prana yoga is both dynamic and creative; through fluid movement it can represent a dance with the self. The postures can be held for many breaths or poses can be entered and exited through slow movement synchronised with breath. This way of movement adds elegance and poise to the practice as well as building strength.
Prana yoga invites you to connect within your higher self through third-eye integration. When you connect to your physical, emotional and mental self you allow yourself to live more consciously.
Lori trained and continues to work with Julie Gargano the founder of Pranaa Yoga. Integrity, strength and supporting props of Iyengar yoga practices along with the inward meditative approach of Amrit yoga are strong influences within Prana Yoga.

“The body benefits from movement, the mind benefits from stillness”
– Sakyong Mipham

What is Yin Yoga?

Yin yoga is a practice of yoga designed to target fascia, a connective tissue in the body. In yin yoga you will find yourself holding shapes for extended periods of time (think between 1-5 minutes). The process is passive, the muscles are not in contraction and the soft tissues are given space to soften, stretch and release.

Yin yoga has a relationship to the meridian system of Chinese Medicine and Shiatsu. When you hold shape you compress and open through meridian pathways within the body, releasing stagnation (physical, emotional and mental) that is being held in the body. Although there is less strength in the physical form, yin is a deep meditative form of yoga that nourishes the whole self.

About Lori

I'm Lori, a remedial massage therapist, and a yoga and mindfulness meditation teacher. I love exploring the body through both movement and stillness and sharing this joy with you.

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