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Why practice Yoga?

What makes yoga so good?


At times I struggle to find the words? Not because I don’t know them, but more so because there are so many. I know for MY body and ME the benefits. I know how the blissful state post practice, I know my muscle adore being isolated, contracted and stretched. I know my mental and emotional wellbeing crave the safety of the mat, the energetic release through subtle opening in the body, the chance to release and restore the whole body. I also know all to well what happens when I don’t practice.

What are the benefits of yoga?

By now we all know yoga has benefits. In the western world yoga’s popularity is growing by the masses, and for good reason.


* Aids in mental health reducing anxiety, stress, and depression

* helps build lean muscle and flexibility

* reduces insomnia and sleep disorders

* assists the digestive system

* regulates hormones

* detoxifies the body

* assists and restores the body to be in homeostasis.

Yoga is not only a physical practice, the asana are just one limb of eight and through the physical practice comes a deeper awareness and a self-study.

I recently read: ‘Through practices like meditation, yoga and mindfulness we train the mind, or brain, and the trained mind is different from an untrained one. A trained mind changes the way we experience the world. Stilling practices like yoga changes the brain and therefore changes what you are. This in process changes how you respond to what is happening in your lie, your level of stress and your ability to tap into the wisdom when making decisions.’

In this very demanding, striving, over-stimulated world the above sounds truly wonderful. For me I practice yoga because it gives me a place to be. A place of no judgement and through regular practice I reap the rewards.

I invite you to do the same.