re:st & re:cover 

June 15-16 2024

green monday studios



Re:st & Re:cover is a powerful experience to equip you with the tools to recover from burnout, stress and fatigue

places limited to 20 participants


You felt a sense of completion, satisfaction and acknowledged for your work.

Instead of working tirelessly and never feeling its enough

You had the space to listen to it and tend to it.

Instead of ignoring what your body is trying to tell you

You felt supported, resourced, relaxed.

Instead of feeling tired, wired, overwhelmed and reactive

This is all possible. We will immerse ourselves in building a relationship with the nervous system. These practices and tools will assist you to recalibrate and bring awareness to the drivers of your stress and fatigue . There will be support, insight, technique and wisdom in how to connect to body-mind so that you can not only better cope with life’s challenges and stressful events but to discover a rested, easeful, pleasurable way to be in your body-mind.

Over 2 days we will journey together, through educational conversations by our facilitators and guest educators on sleep science, nervous system regulation and holistic stress reduction.

We will experiment with…







About us …

Re:st & Re:cover is a collaboration between Lori Curran, body-based practitioner of The Humble Nook & Dr. Becca Andrews (TCM) of Cloud Gate Acupuncture. As friends & colleagues they both have a passion for understanding the body -mind-heart from a holistic lens.

Collectively they have (20) years of clinical experience and post-graduate education and have seen first hand how patterns of nervous system dysregulation & stress are implicated in both acute and chronic health issues. Are we in fact living through an epidemic of stress, fatigue and burnout?

They are passionate about taking their work out of the clinic & into the community. To teach tools and practices, that they often don’t have time to do in a clinical encounter. They do this so more people can build body literacy, access education and practices that can give them more control, more influence over their health. Creating communities of body-mind-heart systems that are flexible, adaptive and resilient.

Coming together in community means not only can we support and see each other, we can draw from the brain trust of the group and we can also talk about, acknowledge and dismantle some of the ways cultural biases drive stress.

What can you expect?


We start our time together by orienting ourselves to the space and each other, setting the foundations for our time together.

Then we move, a dynamic yet invitational movement practice before we settle into the educational part of the morning.

Dr. Becca Andrews (TCM)  will show us how Chinese medical philosophy gives us a different, holistic view of cultivating health and vitality.  She will reveal the fascinating world of the stress response as she unveils the gifts embedded within somatics. Explore how your unique life experiences and cultural influences have molded your body’s reactions. Uncover the keys to transforming this, breaking free from chronic stress, burnout, and fatigue. Join us in reshaping your resilience and reclaiming vitality.

In the afternoon, Lori will introduce the different ways to rest and explore the relationship we have with rest. She will teach us about the nervous system and how we can use the nervous system  regulation practices to shift states of being.

Lori will close the day with a restorative practice. 


We open the day with reflection and ground ourselves with a movvment practice

Becca will then explore the science of sleep, the drivers of poor quality sleep, its impacts and how we can improve our sleep, plus riffs on brain wave oscillations and stress hormone rhythms.

In the afternoon,

Ana Uribe (she/her) Ana will teach us how the we can create and maintain better boundaries and stay in the ‘zone of fabulousness’ 

We close our time together with a group share and  restorative practice. 


about us

Lori Curran is a body-based practitioner & clinical director at The Humble Nook, Fitzroy.

Becca Andrews is a doctor of classical Chinese medicine & educator. You can find her at Cloud Gate Acupuncture in Thornbury.

How will this benefit me?

The nervous system plays an intricate and vital role for our body-mind , the functioning of which is crucial for sustaining health.

These 2 days offer you the need-to-know elements of how the nervous system works & influences the whole-body.

Stress is an inevitable part of life, it can strengthen us or it can drive dysfunction. Understanding how to work with stress and focus on what resources us can greatly improve the quality of life and prevent or help heal stress-related illness.

Sleep is crucial for health and yet if easily affected by stress and mental and emotional load. Improving sleep quality and quantity is a keystone of recovery, yet often feel out of our control or reach.

Learning to stay within our capacity & resources requires boundaries.

Who is this for?

This is for anyone who wants to understand the body-mind under stress & fatigue from a Chinese medicine, somatic and nervous system lens. To build literacy and learn somatic and body based practices to help shift states and cultivate the capacity for a flexible, adaptable & resilient body-mind.

For people wanting to move out of survival mode and isolation to states of greater security & safety, where you can access more connection.

For people who want to move out of states of depletion to states of repletion in simple and potentially pleasurable ways

For people who want to improve &/or manage chronic or acute health conditions that the nervous system is highly implicated in, such as sleep issues, insomnia, anxiety, ibs, chronic pain, anxiety, depression or other stress related conditions.

For people who may be experiencing overwhelm.

cost, payment plan & scholarships

Payment options include:

1 x payment of $680

3 x payments over 3 months

first $160

second & third $280

We offer 2 x scholarship 100% & 50% available for First Nations mob, BIPOC folk , LGBTQIA+ solo parents & carers, will be preferenced and encouraged to apply. Applications open soon

Click here to apply

Recipients contacted May 10

about the studio

Green Monday Studio is a community-focused hire space hosting a range of yoga, dance & art practices.

Located at 73 Grattan St, Carlton/Wurrundjeri Country.

The studio is accessible via tram, bus or car. Metered street parking is available.

Off street parking in car parks are strongly recommended for the time frame of the workshop.

Access involves 2 flights of stairs.

how to prepare for the weekend

We acknowledge that feeling stress & fatigue can be a tender space. Sometimes before an event we can feel a bit nervous or even resistance. This is so normal.

We encourage you to explore what space and resources you have leading up to the weekend.

Can you create the conditions for more rest?

Less caffeine

More sleep

Protein & good fats everyday

Drink water

Leave a little more time than you may need to find the studio and settle in.

Wear comfy clothes that you can move in & bring a journal and some pens or whatever you like to use to take down some reflections or notes

What others have said …

re:st & re:cover cannot be recommended highly enough. The information imparted by the facilitators and guest practitioners combined with the rest and embodied practices was outstanding. 

I am a driven individual who tries to balance work and study and who often forgets to rest. The workshop helped instill respect for rest practices as integral to a good life and also revealed them to be more accessible than I previously thought

Arlene. L Psychology Student

I was in such a disconnected state with my body and mind. I was plagued with chronic illness, fatigue and a constant sense of overwhelm. 

re:st and re:cover gave me the time, space and knowledge to reconnect my mind and body; slow down with intention and the courage to set boundaries. A life-changing three days.

-Myu T. Primary School Educator

re:st & re:cover, delivers what the title says it does. This 3-day course answered my call.

It was transformative, informative and supportive. I loved the overall breakdown of the information shared by the facilitators, guest speakers and the support from the group members in a safe space to reflect as we shared in the mix of scientific, holistic education and movement practices. 

This content will stay with me forever as I kick burnt out to the curb! 5-star rating!

Kerry. L Project Manager

In the spirit of #paytherent 5% of profit will be donated to indigenous-led organisation

Children’s Ground

*When we take a reservation for Re:st & Re:cover we reserve a spot exclusively for you. This workshop is limited to 20 people. We do accept cancellations and will issue refunds (minus a $250 handling fee) and / or transfers up to 4 weeks prior to the event.

From 4 weeks prior to the event no refunds will be given due to cancellation.